• Virtual Pro Network

    We're immensely proud to announce that we have been fortunate enough to be allowed to use the VirtualProNetwork (VPN) system as of immediate effect.

    The VPN is an evolution and a lead in the Pro Clubs community for their system which has some key and unique features, all of which are suited and tailored for us in the Pro Clubs environment here at FVPA.co.uk

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  • PC Pro Clubs League

    We're proud to announce a new league for PC users within Pro Clubs!

    We had some focussed and attentive criticism last season relating to the rules and regs; however these were amended and brought into use for Next Gen leagues and so far they've worked superbly well.

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  • FVPA VP League

    The FVPA Virtual Pro League;

    This time last year a small group of staff sat down and began discussing what options we had available to us to improve, increase and maximise the Pro Clubs game mode.

    With the introduction of Seasons in FIFA 13, we found that the rankings table was a shambles and although they've amended it this year in 14, we're still way off with more issues surrounding VP's being glitched.

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  • Welcome to the FVPA

    Welcome to the home of Fifa Pro Clubs.

    Whether your a casual social gamer or hardcore tournament player with the desire to win and help your team succeed, then your in the right place. The FVPA established back in 2009 has been catering specifically for Pro Clubs year in year out. We jump at the chance to innovate and expand on our technology, pumping time and money whenever we can with one goal! To enhance your Fifa experience above and beyond the game itself.

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  • Next Gen Tour

    FVPA.co.uk Next Gen Review

    EA were extremely kind enough to invite us to attend their UK head office in Guildford to be part of the Producers Review.

    It was to be both Kelley & Cotty's first opportunity to not only see FIFA on next gen but also to get some hands on time with a next gen console. Whilst we were signing in and confirming that we would respect the embargo until this morning, I became aware of FIFA playing behind me and that it was actually playing on Xbox One.

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  • New Website

    We did it again!

    We are now in our 3rd generation of Website, the previous infrastructure has gone beyond its sell by date and therefore we had to look at a complete overhaul. So the front end has been completely replaced for newer technology, the Forum skin has been replaced with a more popular coding layout to give us better scope for more add-ons.

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Next Gen Interview

Fifa 14 Producer Tour - October 2013

FVPA Kelley and Nick Channon (EA)

FVPA Features

  • Forums
  • Tournaments


We have a number of forums to discuss and collaborate with Players and Clubs set out by console. 



You can access the Forums on the go too using Tapatalk. Get alerts to subscribed topics, PM's and even if someone quotes you!


Another great free feature to ensure you can easily collaborate with like minded players!

All we ask is you observe the Forum guidelines and remember that we are all here for the same purpose to compete and/or socialise. Treat each other with respect at all times! The less staff have to deal with reported posts, ego trips and personal attacks, the more features and tournaments we can work on!


FVPA Seasons

These are traditional 11v11 Leagues typically run over a period of 2 to 3 months. 


Super Sunday

One night, One Cup winner takes all, will you conquer on the night, play to the end or rage quit if you lose a game?

And More

We work hard to keep our fingers on the pulse, offering as much variety as possible! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting new formats coming this year!


We run a number of International teams to compete across the world, Home nations tournaments can prove to be valuable practice before heading out to the iFVPA

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